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BatchMaster ERP e-commerce Integration

African manufacturing industry has grown tremendously. The region has grown to be a hub of manufacturing. To gain a competitive edge, the manufacturer should produce a cheaper product, make that available everywhere at every time. With the latest gizmos and technology, the gen Z, the gen X, the millennials and even the senior citizens today are more inclined to shopping online. To cater to this demand, manufacturers have to ensure that the product is available at all purchase points- online stores, websites, eCommerce platforms, etc.

To address this growing need, BatchMaster ERP e-commerce software integration provides seamless integration with all major e-commerce platforms. For manufacturers having their in-house website, BatchMaster Enterprise has a connector which has business logic to integrate with independent e-commerce platforms as well.

Through this integration, the orders at online store get registered and website redirects it to BatchMaster ERP solution, helping African businesses to track, produce and deliver faster.

This integration leverages unique BME functionalities by syncing item records, inventory, prices, business patterns, orders, deliveries, shipping, tracking and payment.

Benefits of e-commerce integration with ERP system

BatchMaster being a trusted e-commerce ERP Integration vendor for Africa, it offers many benefits

  • Increased productivity with streamlined processes
  • Absolute control over business with real time information, financial statements, and reports
  • Automation helps reducing human error and saves time
  • Reduced wastage by planned purchase and order consolidation help control operational and inventory cost
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through on-time delivery
  • Single point of operations empowers manufacturers for simplified and time-saving operations.
  • Ideal for small, mid, and large size company
  • Helps in business expansion
  • Smooth flow of information

Why e-commerce ERP integration?

It is imperative to integrate your e-commerce storefronts with ERP to develop a closed loop supply chain system. BatchMaster ERP e-commerce integartion enables manufacturers to integrate and streamline their Omni-channel supply chain for end-to-end visibility across various online sales channels. This integration facilitates real-time order updates, thus helping manufacturers to plan production batches and raw material procurement, avoiding both understocking and stockpiling.
When your e-commerce is integrated with BatchMaster ERP, the available items, prices and product images are updated on the e-commerce website directly. This results in saving the cost of hiring additional manpower to update the information on your online store. With real-time inventory updates from ERP to e-commerce, manufacturers can easily avoid events of accepting orders for out-of-stock items, saving them from the trouble of order cancellation and customer discontent.

Features of e-commerce ERP Solution

  • Customer database and price list is automatically updated in the system
  • Automates the integration of e-commerce store with BMEs products and inventory levels
  • Exchange of data between e-commerce store and BME is smooth
  • Real-time sales order creation
  • Manage promotional prices, offers, discounts, catalogues, etc.
  • Upload product images from BME to e-commerce store
  • Accurate shipment tracking

Cloud Deployment Available

Give your small, mid-size, or large-scale businesses the power of our ‘Cloud ERP’ solutions, and enjoy the benefits of leveraging the cloud.

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